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No matter how I felt that things I have done or I am doing worth nothing than the pain I gained. I just have to go through this, I just have to keep move on. Because I’ve made it clear that this is the path that I chose.

Everytime I sat in the balcony, threw the view far far away into the sky, I felt sort of peace. The feeling of calmness, peace and I love it. Sometimes I felt that I want to go home, my real home. Just that, somebody haven’t yet come and take me home.

Hye.. 🙂
I actually don’t know what to mumble about, but maybe I can talk or share something about me as an introduction. 
 First thing first, I loveeeeeee astronomy. I owned a telescope. I love everything up there. Stars, moon, nebula, galaxies, planets.  What else. I’m currently doing a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Electronics majoring in Nanotechnology. I always wanted to work in this satellite company in my country called MEASAT. But, I think, it’s very hard for them to hire a woman with an average GPA/CGPA to work under them. Too bad. But it doesn’t really matter actually coz I enjoyed doing something else. My dream is to be an engineer who own a wedding boutique. My ambition is to be an astronaut but I always have another so called back-up dream, haha. If I meant not to be an engineer or an astronaut. I will always have a dream to have my own boutique under my own brand. I think, that will be much easier, as a woman. 
I enjoy doing something adventurous or something that gets you an adrenaline rush. I’ve tried, bungee jumping, slingshot, jungle tracking. I also love doing something fun like drawing, painting, sewing, baking, cooking. And a new thing I enjoy is swimming in the blue ocean. It was so beautiful when I got to see those ocean creatures when I was having a snorkeling trip with my friends months ago. Got a chance to see shark that time. It was so funny when the instructor called it “friendly shark”, I giggled and a bit nervous. In my mind was, “Is there friendly shark in this world?”.  But he was right, the shark wasn’t as big as it always shown in the movies, you know like a huge huge shark that hunger for human flesh/meat. It was an average size Whaleshark that would run away when people approached too close to it. I even swam without a life jacket in the blue ocean, and it was so fun. But one thing I hate is the sunburn I got. You know, girl…. 😀 Not to forget, the Island I went is Perhentian Island. I stayed in a chalet called Shari-La Resort. It was a nice chalet actually, nice and very affordable to stay there. 
Other thing is I love kids and cats. I always wanted to adopted an orphan and share some love with them. And I know that I will, someday… 🙂

Hello World!

Hello World!
What a common words to say for a newbie like me aite.  
I used to write in blogspot, been adapted with the format and all.
But now, I just wanted to forget about the things I wrote back there.
It’s like, close the old book, open the new one. So here I go… 🙂